I’m a left-handed, pizza-loving, queer, trans, Muslim, Bengali visual designer and artist invested in care and failure. I make experiences that are thoughtful and delightful, and which challenge preconceived notions. Most recently, my passion for connecting people and ideas led me to Designation. Whether I’m working in performance, photography, or mobile interfaces, I’m committed to building an empathetic visual language and solving problems creatively. I’ve also recently been traveling, working on an oral history project and sharing Visiting Thahab.

Let’s hang out and I’ll tell you more about my work in all its forms.


I work with new media, photography, socially engaged art and performance. My most notable projects include “Visiting Thahab” (ongoing), a rich exploration of the contemporary presence and experience of the Muslim femme. I create immersive works that examine elements of our lived experiences as they intersect with identity, politics, and queerness. Since 2014 I have been organizing and curating performance and new media works in collaboration with organizations and artist run platforms such as MIX NYC and my own platform VIX: Virtual International Exchange. I’m recipient of the prestigious Traveling Fellowship (2018) and Springborn Fellowship (2011) from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. My works have been exhibited nationally and internationally in museums, festivals and galleries; including a solo exhibition at the New Bedford Museum of Art (2018) and featured in publications such as Emergency Index Vol. 6, The Boston Globe, The Washington Post & The Aerogram.