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Nabeela Vega makes the show’s most important and relevant statement through “Visiting Thahab,” a series of four one-to-two minute HD video segments: “Thahab in the Summer,” “Thahab goes to the Liquor Store,” “Thahab Orders Pizza” and “Thahab Hates Showers.” It shows a woman wearing a luxurious golden garment similar to a hijab or burqa.

In the video, Thahab is isolated away from community participation, and almost silenced. In the summer segment, Thahab can’t eat an ice cream cone because she’s not allowed to expose her face; likewise she can’t wash herself because female nudity is prohibited, so she simply stands in the shower allowing the water to fall over her while dressed in her glorious golden protective oppressive drapery. She does, however, successfully order pizza and buy beer while

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