UI/UX Design

Trala: the violin app


Client: Trala

My role: Visual and Interaction Design, UX research, Project Management

Tools: Sketch, Illustrator, InVision, Keynote, Principle, Asana, Realtimeboard, Airtable, Zeplin (display as icons)

Deliverables: Style Guide, Interaction Animations, Hi Fidelity Mockups, Interactive Prototype, Style Tiles, Moodboards

Duration: 3 weeks


Trala is an app that teaches users the violin using Juilliard-approved lessons. It gives instant feedback on mistakes.

Trala provides excellent practice tools that make the process of learning the violin: linear, fun and demystified.

I was excited to work with an early stage startup for the first time and on board with their level of ambition and commitment to their vision. Trala is part of the Techstars program at 1871. They’re a three person team that includes Sam (CEO), Vish (CTO) and most recently Lauren (UX designer). We worked with Lauren and received significant feedback from Sam, Vish and Hannah, Trala’s Techstars liaison. According to Sam:

“We think [our competitors] forget that adult learners aren’t being forced to practice--they want to practice. Trala really helps users learn and enjoy learning. It’s simple and it works.” - Sam, CEO


There were so many opportunities to develop with Trala, whether it was their information architecture, onboarding user flow or first touch material and UX copy. The client knew they needed help with design, our first challenge as a team was to identify exactly what was within our scope and how to guide them into providing us with enough feedback and background material without being prescriptive. Our core challenge was to address our client’s visual design issues within three rapid week-long sprints as a three person design team. I delivered a visual design system that aligned with my client’s brand and business goals and focused on the first 60 seconds of Trala’s on-boarding user flow for a first time user.


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Style Guide

Unique Playboard UI