Designer and Artist.

I make experiences that are thoughtful and delightful. 


Trala: the violin app

Trala is an early-stage startup that teaches users the violin providing Juilliard approved lessons and instant feedback. I delivered and presented a visual design system to demystify the learning process and make it linear and engaging.

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Thrive: WeWork volunteer platform

WeWork’s internal product for employee volunteer opportunities. I solved for brand alignment and improved on the UX implementations already in place. I delivered new wireframes, branding, mockups and prototypes, and a comprehensive style guide in week-long sprints with multiple iterations and rounds of testing.

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Vente: an event app

Vente is a mobile responsive platform that reimagines how people can search and find activities that reflect their interests. I took user research conducted by a UX team and produced high-fidelity designs, prototype and design system solution.

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Aloe: food and sustainability

Winkel is a start-up that wants to improve the way people shop for groceries online. I determined the users’ needs and goals then developed a mobile shopping app by applying a user-centered design approach based on my UX research.

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Studio Practice

I work with new media, photography, socially engaged art and performance. My most notable projects include “Visiting Thahab”, a rich exploration of the contemporary presence and experience of the Muslim femme. I create immersive works that examine elements of our lived experiences as they intersect with identity, politics, and queerness.

Since 2014, I’ve organized and curated performance and new media works in collaboration with organizations and artist-run platforms. I am a current programmer at The Nightingale, a microcinema in Chicago.


Visiting Thahab

Thahab explores the identity of a muslim american femme in post 9/11 diaspora.

Chena: The Moss of Time

multimedia project that explores image making and oral histories with individuals at the intersections of being Queer, Muslim and South Asian.


AR/VR : Faiz Ali faiz at chicago cultural center

Performance commissioned for roving art series. I developed an Artificial Reality app using Unity and Vuforia to interact with the interior spaces of the Chicago Cultural Center.